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Adult Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts For When You're Feeling Anxious

1. How does your anxiety make you feel mentally (other than, you know, anxious)? 

2. How do you talk to yourself when you’re feeling anxious? Do you find that you’re gentle with yourself or are you kind of judgy and negative? How does either make you feel?

3. Think of a time when you were really anxious but the situation went better than you expected. What did you learn from that experience?

4. Where does anxiety show up in your body? How does it make you physically feel right now or in general?

5. List the best-case scenario that could happen based on what you’re anxious about. Is this maybe just as likely as the worst-case scenario? How would you feel if things fell somewhere in the middle? 

6. What thoughts are going through your head right now? List them out as they come up, and read them over once you feel like you’ve written enough. Make your way down the list and ask yourself if you have solid proof that each of these thoughts is true. If not, go ahead and cross it out. 

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