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Books of the Month

The March Young Adult Fiction Book:

SPEAK NO EVIL by Liana Gardner

What if every time you told the truth, evil followed?
My name is Melody Fisher. My daddy was a snake handler in Appalachia until Mama died. Though years have passed, I can still hear the rattle before the strike that took her from me.
And it’s all my fault.
Since then, I’ve been passed around from foster home to foster home. I didn’t think anything could be as bad as losing Mama.
I was wrong.
But I will not speak of things people have done to me. Every time I do, worse evil follows. Now, the only thing I trust is what saved me years ago.
Back when I would sing the snakes calm ...

*CW: Situations of sexual abuse

-Exclusive cover change
-Foiling on the dust jacket
-Gorgeous hardcover foiling
-Beautiful stenciled edges
-A digital signature
-Custom endpages
-Reverse dust jacket print



March's Adult Fiction Book:


As a daughter of the Salt King, Emel ought to be among the most powerful women in the desert. Instead, she and her sisters have less freedom than even her father's slaves … for the Salt King uses his own daughters to seduce visiting noblemen into becoming powerful allies by marriage.

Escape from her father's court seems impossible, and Emel dreams of a life where she can choose her fate. When members of a secret rebellion attack, Emel stumbles upon an alluring escape route: her father's best-kept secret—a wish-granting jinni, Saalim.

But in the land of the Salt King, wishes are never what they seem. Saalim's magic is volatile. Emel could lose everything with a wish for her freedom as the rebellion intensifies around her. She soon finds herself playing a dangerous game that pits dreams against responsibility and love against the promise of freedom. As she finds herself drawn to the jinni for more than his magic, captivated by both him and the world he shows her outside her desert village, she has to decide if freedom is worth the loss of her family, her home and Saalim, the only man she's ever loved.

Unplugged's Exclusive Book Includes:

-Exclusive hardcover
-Gorgeous hardcover foiling + ink print with multiple colors
-A digital signature
-Foiling on the dust jacket
-Beautiful stenciled edges
-A redesigned dust jacket
-Custom endpages


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