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Young Adult Spoilers

February 2023 Young Adult Spoilers

Welcome to our first month including digital spoilers. We hope that you are excited about the change. Reducing waste is very important to us, and we plan to find creative ways to be as green as we can. We're doing a trial run on the digital spoilers, so if we find most of you enjoy the change, it will become permanent. If not, we will return to using pamphlets later in the year.

With that said, below you can find all of the spoilers with the photo challenges for this box as well as links to our monthly recipe and journal prompts.

Please post your photos on your public instagram with #UnpluggedBookBox & #UnpluggedUnboxing on the listed dates for your chance to win a free box!

PHOTO- March 1- full unboxing
This cute Chesire Cat inspired chime can be hung anywhere in your home. In Alice in Wonderland, identity, growing up, and learning about oneself is key to the plot. The Chesire Cat is a guide to Alice. It was designed by @teapical.ghost for this box.
PHOTO- March 2nd: Chime + pink and purple colors.
Get cozy and read stories of revenge with your library-inspired poncho. This gorgeous pocho has several snaps to keep it in place so your shoulders and arms stay warm on chilly winter evenings. It could also be used as a lap blanket! It was designed by @VeronicaLexGM for this box.
PHOTO- March 3rd: Poncho + cozy reading corner (or) poncho in use.
Revenge is a central part of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. This candle is an Unplugged exclusive by! @naturalpurehonest
PHOTO- March 4th: Red book stack + candle
This facial oil is inspired by Renee Adieh's The Wrath & The Dawn. It is an Unplugged exclusive by Bath Apothecary. The main character wishes to seek revenge for the murder of her friend.
PHOTO- March 5th: Facial oil & Shampoo bar + open books flatlay
This exclusive shampoo bar is inspired by Tangled; a Rapunzel retelling. It was made by Bath Apothecary for this box.
PHOTO- March 5th: Facial oil & Shampoo bar + open books flatlay
The Unplugged Exclusive Cover Also Includes:
-Exclusive cover changes
-Foiling on the dust jacket
-Exclusive hardback foiling/artwork
-Digital signature
-Custom Endpages
-Exclusive stenciled edges



Dear Reader,

My love of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Originals, Teen Wolf, and Supernatural all played a role in creating Hunterland. I remember telling my editor one day how much I missed them, and she said, “So you’re a writer. Create a world that brings you back to that nostalgic place.” And boy was she right!

Hunterland—out of all the books I have written—felt like a magical unicorn for me. I saw the book in my head and the words just flowed from there to my fingertips. Writing Hunterland was like time traveling, going back to my favorite shows and getting to relive them through an updated lens. My goal was to give others that same gift but set in our current society in high school with angst, romance, and found family.

But my author journey didn’t start there; it happened as a zealous toddler. I created imaginary worlds between the pages before I could even read. And every night, my mother and I would cuddle with my favorite books. Later, my mother encouraged me to pursue a lifelong dream to be a published author and write stories that would appeal to young people. We had made a promise to co-author a book together, but unfortunately it never came to fruition. After I graduated college, my mother became ill, dying two years later of cancer. It took some time before I processed my grief, but I knew that my writing dreams needed to be fulfilled; as much for myself as for my mother. So, I buckled down and wrote the stories that had consumed my mind for years.

I tell you this because there’s an underlining theme in Hunterland about mothers. It wasn’t until a producer friend read my book and provided feedback that I realized the loss of my mother played a huge role in the way Liam feels about his own mother dying. My mom didn’t get eaten by a werewolf, so don’t panic. But just like Liam, I couldn’t save her. I think subconsciously the loss of my mother to cancer has had a huge influence in how write. I also believe her love and support of my craft is what propels me forward.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my book and sharing a piece of who I am. Without your support, my dreams would be just that…and instead you gave them life and made them a reality. My heart is full!


Dana Claire

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