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Cottagecore Limited Edition Book Only Box (BOOK ONLY)

The Cottagecore Limited Edition Book Only Box.This box contains just the beautiful, exclusive edi...

The Cottagecore Limited Edition Book Only Box.
This box contains just the beautiful, exclusive edition of the cottagecore book.

Shipping in mid-late September; pre-orders open from June 19th-July 19th.

Our protagonist is perfectly content in her mundane life, working in a city in an uninspiring career... until she makes a very out of character decision to spontaneously purchase an old cottage in Scotland, sight unseen. What could she say? The price was hard to pass up; but when she tries to back out of the deal, she's unable. She travels across the ocean to her new home, which she expects to flip and sell quickly, but the cottage feels more like home than she anticipated, and the mysterious journals she uncovers draw her into the history of the charming home. She soon discovers there are light and dark forces at work. With the help of her handsome Scottish neighbor, she uncovers an unbelievable connection to the mysterious events of the cottage. When the past and present collide, she must face her fears and fight for what she believes in before darkness wins...

-An exclusive hardcover edition with art and foiling on the hard casing with beautiful details.
-Metal corners.
-Exclusive stenciled edges (a gorgeous, water color look).
-Exclusive endpages.
-Ribbon bookmark.
-Signed by the author.

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