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Face the Night by Lani Forbes

The December book only box, available as a one time order. 📚 BOOK HINTS:FANTASY | ROMANCE | ADVEN...
The December book only box, available as a one time order. 

Follow our protagonist - who has, up until now, lived a charmed life. As a beautiful Blessed daughter of a wealthy rancher, she had little to complain about... That is, until fate took a turn. Now, whenever danger threatens, she receives a vision that saves her life. Her destiny becomes clear - she can use her abilities for good and face the man who ordered her parents killed - as well as his son, who betrayed them all. She's wracked with guilt over her parents death, a need to avenge them, and dismaying new feelings for the boy who betrayed them all. Part of her just wants to run; but she knows you cannot outrun darkness at your heels...

-A redesigned dust jacket
-Foiling on the dust jacket
-Reverse dust jacket is the original cover
-Exclusive stenciled edges
-Custom endpages
-Foiling on the hardcover

*Please note, this book has been published posthumously. The author has tragically passed away. We worked directly with the publishing team and her late husband to bring their visions for her wonderful book to life.*

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