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The Lucky Gryphon - Unplugged Edition

👀 The Unplugged Edition Includes:-Exclusive hardcover print with faux-leather finish-Embossed des...

👀 The Unplugged Edition Includes:
-Exclusive hardcover print with faux-leather finish
-Embossed design
-Gold foiling on the hardcover
-Full color interior printing
-Gilded edges
-Custom endpages with foiled digital signatures from the authors
-Ribbon bookmark
-An exclusive slipcase
We have some more surprises in store for this beautiful book. Trust us, we went all out for this one!

-Our edition of The Lucky Gryphon is available now!
-Books are $49.99 + s/h
-They will be shipping in late August.

American Writing Awards Finalist 2023 - Author Shout Reader Ready Awards Top Pick 2024

Hello there, traveler! Welcome to The Lucky Gryphon, the most magical tavern in the Crossroads. We've been expecting you. Your quest is simple: keep this book safe. What you're holding is a journal unlike any other. This book will reveal some of the tavern's history, as well as scraps of insight on mine and Minthie's origins. There are even some personal notes from the others that call The Lucky Gryphon home.

Over the centuries, this collection of tales has become a bit much for Quincy and me to remember. So, we're sharing with you a few of our secrets, and inviting you to learn some of our famous recipes.

"A Traveler's Guide to The Lucky Gryphon: Recipes & Regalings" is a cross between a fantasy storybook and cookbook. Accompanying each recipe is a short story detailing the recipe's origin, lore about the tavern, or a personal tale from one of the tavern keepers, Quincy and Minthie. With over 60 illustrations depicting everything from savory meals to sweet desserts, delicious drinks and easy snacks, there's something in here for every foodie. From the archives of Minthie's Library to you, this book is perfect for any fan of magic, fantasy, and food.

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