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Shipping Updates

Up-to-date Shipping info

LAST UPDATED: November 10, 2022

The final item for each box scanned in today (Nov. 10th) and has an arrival date of November 16th. Our team has already packed the YA Boxes, and just needs to add the last item. They will be packing out the adult boxes on Monday so they can also just add the last item. They expect all boxes to ship by the 18th!
We apologize again for this slight delay.
Please e-mail us by November 14th if you'd like your renewal date changed as a result of the delay.
You will receive an e-mail once your box ships!

These began shipping on November 3rd. We expect them all to ship by November 8th.


Packing advent boxes is quite time consuming; but we are at about 50% shipped and are on track to have them all out by November 18th! They will be shipping in batches daily with the exception of Sundays. We do apologize that they have taken longer than expected. They are very time consuming to pack, but they are on time to ship them well ahead of the holidays.

These will ship in mid-late December. We will have a more firm update on exact shipping dates when time gets closer.

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