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Ladies' Day - Bed & Breakfast Book Only

Ladies' Day by Lisa Williams KlineThe Unplugged Exclusive edition📚 BOOK SYNOPSISSUMMER READ | ROM...

Ladies' Day by Lisa Williams Kline
The Unplugged Exclusive edition


Heartache is nothing new for our protagonist. Fifteen years after her troubled daughter ran away, she sees an up and coming teen golfer that looks just like her daughter. She also happens to share their surname. Could this be her granddaughter? Facing a divorce and an uncertain future, she isn't expecting to meet anyone new until she accidentally strikes a handsome stranger with her golf ball.
Meanwhile, when the teen golfer discovers the man who raised her isn't her father, her world comes crashing down. She still harbors hope that her mother, who she believed dead, might show up in support... What she doesn't expect is for a woman who claims to be her grandmother to show up.
The two continue fighting for what they both lost; and might find an unexpected companionship along the way...
This fun tale will be the perfect kick off to summer!

-Exclusive redesigned cover
-Alternative cover for the reverse dust jacket
-Custom endpages
-Signed by the author
-Foiling on the hardcover
-Stenciled edges
-Ribbon bookmark

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